Happy Birthday!

Ossua.com’s blog is now one year old! In a recent trend of life-hacking I’ve figured out how to microwave a packet (not a cup) of Ramen, which seems like a good thing. I never liked cup of noodle because it was more broth and less actual food. So having a brick of Ramen noodle available […]


My bookshelves talk to me. Not in a creepy schizophrenic way. They don’t give me commands or tell me about the secret enemy’s movements. The news is usually good for that, so long as it isn’t Fox News. Fair and balanced my ass. But, I digress. It usually happens when I go to my fan, […]

The New Superman

The Man of Steel is reborn! Kryptonian Easter occurred sometime last month with the arrival of the New 52, DC’s relaunch of the entirety of the DC Universe. Much has been changed for some lines, others remain virtually untouched. I was skeptical at first when I heard that Superman would be changing. They didn’t really […]