A Few Changes

You may have noticed a few changes around the blog recently. I’m updating the basics for the first time in years pending a migration – so I’ll be experimenting with new templates, and art choices. Keep coming back for more in the coming weeks. I intend to start taking things seriously again around here.

Dreams of Books

It’s been two nights going with dreams of the same vein. Both dreams were in separate places, both had separate casts, and both seemed to have different threads, but the core value was the same. Both were about books. I won’t go stand up on my usual soapbox to talk about how awesome reading is. […]

The Perfect Villain

So, I recently experienced a wonderful reoccurrence in my life. Since sarcasm travels poorly via screen, I’ll let you in on the fact that the above is incredibly sarcastic. My feet are of a poor configuration. Due to an inward turn to my large toes and a particular fold of skin at the cuticles, I chronically suffer […]

Happy Birthday!

Ossua.com’s blog is now one year old! In a recent trend of life-hacking I’ve figured out how to microwave a packet (not a cup) of Ramen, which seems like a good thing. I never liked cup of noodle because it was more broth and less actual food. So having a brick of Ramen noodle available […]