Some Maintenance

Hi all – looks like my server administrator had to roll out the service the blog is on. Ben is the best though – gave me plenty of warning and there’s just a few minor bugs to work out. I haven’t forgotten about you, dear reader. We’ll be up and running again soon!  


I made a big deal last week about a creative schedule, and, you might have noticed there was a distinct diversion. “Maurice,” you might say. “You owe me a blog post! Two even!” And, you’d be correct. I do. But, I promise you I have the best reason ever: I got married! Yes! After four years together, […]

The Fear Phase

Life is always a struggle and the fear never helps. At first, it was a fear of everything. And that really didn’t go away until recent years. I suppose that’s the fear we’re born with. I just… held it longer than I probably should have. That original fear kept me from being more as a kid. […]