It’s been ages since I’ve been given a workbook for something. Furthermore, this is the first time I’ve WANTED to use a workbook. The ‘Writing the Breakout Novel’ workbook has been recommended over and over again by the folks at the Liar’s Club so I’m going to take a crack at it and see what […]

Word Games Mega Post

I imagine it should come as no surprise that as someone who likes to string words together for fun (and hopefully profit someday) likes to play Scrabble. Words are kind of becoming my stock and trade between my day job, my hobbies and my side endeavors. Hacking those words up into letters isn’t too far […]

Website Progress

For those who’ve come across the domain’s home page, you may have noted the infamous Apache error page. No longer! I’m a step closer to having an honest to god site. An ugly site to be sure – but don’t disparage. There’ll be some more stuff up eventually.