A Few Changes

Hi all, you may note some changes to the blog. Some of the older image links are broken, but the database content and featured images are all still running smoothly. I’ve been moving the blog between hosts and doing some cleaning due to recent life events.

I’m also pleased to say that I’ll be doubling down on this thing. I find myself with a lot more time. This will be put toward certain endeavors that I find infinitely more worthwhile than what I’ve been doing. The work I did before had merit and value, but my creative craft – my passion – is what defines me. And while I have time to tend to it, I intend to hit it with both barrels. It’s refreshing to take away what you let define you in the past. It reminds me of who you are.

What I am is a creative.

I write. I draw. I make.

Here’s to creativity.

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