Anniversary Eve

So, here I am on day number three hundred sixty-five of my blog. Hooray!

It’s been a long year. I’ve managed to do a lot in this time. I think this year I managed to accomplish more creative goals than ever before – even more than I did when I was in college studying my visual craft. My time in the visual arts was mostly mediocre work, punctuated by shining moments of competence, so working in something where I feel a greater emotional return for the time invested in the craft is kind of a nice bonus. Not that I’d have done anything different, but I finally found out who I was creatively speaking this year. I’m a storyteller. Always have been. I just needed to find the medium that came naturally.

As it turns out, I think I’m a writer. Not that I’ll ever really stop being an artist or a game master. But, I think I found what I want to focus on after all this time.

With any luck, it’s another year of creativity coming up on the blog. With many more to follow.

About the author: Maurice

Maurice Hopkins is an author, illustrator, blogger and part-time columnist for He is easily bribed with publishing offers, experience points, and diabetic-friendly cookies.