DCU, Eberron and Rogue Trader

Yeah, it’s kind of catching up again. The good news is that much fun is being had and that the writing continues in one form or another. I think I’m finally ready to put a foot forward and continue work on The Many Labors of Bob, my novel in progress. And I think I have a plan to keep me on track. It’s a rather bold and different plan, but I have a fair amount of confidence that it will work.

The current video game du jour has been DC Universe which I’ve been playing a lot lately – strictly for professional reasons (riiiiiight). It’s brought me back to my City of Heroes days in a good way. CoH had many, many problems, one of which was constant updating and nerfing. DC seems stable, fun and, more importantly, not wholly dependent on playing in teams. I’m progressing rather well by myself and playing in groups has been fun. For those of you following HeyPoorPlayer, I’ll be putting up my two week update on it sometime this week, god willing. Perhaps the snow will help me out in that regard.

Eberron and Rogue Trader of course also continue on, with RT picking up again tonight. Provided atmospheric effects don’t scare two of my players off. The new group for Eberron seems really enthusiastic. Hopefully all parties involved get a big a kick out of it as I do.

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