It comes to mind that I should have a page for visual stuff on the site – not every image you find on this site is something that I made – but the ones below are items that I count among my actual work. Right now, most of the artistic stuff I’ve done has been photographic, but there’s some other stuff here and there. So, feel free to have a look at the images below.

I’ll probably add more as they accumulate, if for any other reason to outline what’s mine and not just cool stuff found via Google. If you’re an artist or photographer for anything on the site, I’ve not taken with intent to damage. I’ll be happy to give credit or to take down images by request – just drop a line at

ghost - pop
My grandfather as seen in his driver’s license, just about a year before his death. I did a little softening and photo editing to it in Photoshop. Picture taken via iPhone
noir road
This I took via my dash cam mount with my iPhone. It makes use of the inherent noir filter. I caught the sky on a good day, and the lights and the truck made for a better than average composition.
Same as above, but cropped down so as to act as a banner for the blog.
A retake of a prior picture taken in a nearby park, but with my new car (same as the old car but not as totaled).
The aforementioned original.
A taller image of the original.
That’s me from my bio pic. No surprises here.
This is the V8 Ifrit Hellraiser as done on the oh so hoity toity medium of steno pad paper and mechanical pencil.
I caught a hell of a stormfront during a lull in one of the most savage squalls  I’ve seen in Delaware. The next couple of photos are from that series, all taken by my iPhone. This is the shortest of the images as optimized for the blog’s banner .
Another pano version of the original pic.
The original. Best of the bunch I took during the storm.
Photo Jul 14, 8 02 21 PM
This was the cell of clouds on the way out after the black clouds had moved on to terrorize other parts of the county.
Photo Jul 14, 8 03 43 PM
Interesting fact – I am fascinated by cell towers. Where there’s a cell tower, there’s a picture waiting to be taken.
Photo Jul 14, 8 03 56 PM
Another snapshot of the tower, but with a little better composition. Just wish there wasn’t so much treetop in it.
In May of 2007 I went to Japan after saving up the funds to do so for two and a half years. Best trip I’ve ever taken. The images from Japan were taken with Canon Camera which my tour guide accidentally broke while waiting for the Shinkansen. Still, it took good photos. This image is from the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Obviously, I didn’t take this one – a friend was kind enough to. But I put it here anyhow.
This is in Nara, Japan. Biggest wooden Buddha statue in the country, and most likely the world.
This is Kyoto, city of Shrines.
This was on a mountain top that had an observatory for Mt. Fuji. It’s somewhere between Tokyo and Hakone-En.
I wandered a bit outside of Ueno Park, Tokyo where I got this shot.
I can never remember the name of this district, but it’s in Tokyo, and home to an open air market and rather a lot of pick pockets I’m told.
A procession of shrine maidens and monks tending to the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.
Tori Gate in the Meiji Shrint, Tokyo.
Purification area for the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo