The Little Reminders

So, it’s not a surprise if you’ve been here the past couple of days that the blog has taken a bit of a shift. Usually I’ll talk creativity, progress with work, the little gems I find while reading. But, recently it’s been all about turning my personal ship around. The SS Maurice is in bad shape and is going into renovations. As also noted prior, this is not the first time.

Which is why I find it curious that I never learn the lesson. The little reminders fall by the wayside. The benefits should seem obvious, but I eventually forget them automagically (much like I often forget where my girlfriend and I’s schedules overlap to her chagrin).

The little reminders that I’m on the right track are numerous, but no individual one really seems noticeable until you start stacking them up next to each other. I suppose that’s part of the reason it’s so easy to forget. You take out one of the little reminders and the structure still stands. It doesn’t seem so bad. But, then when three or four are gone, you look around at the increasing wreckage of personal health and wonder what the hell went wrong.

Working out, eating well, controlling intake, saying no to indulgences, all of these things lead to multiple benefits: reduced need for sleep, better quality of sleep, increased focus, increased energy, increased physical output, mood lifting, resistance to common illnesses. How do all of those things disappear and not send off a huge response on my give-a-shit-meter? Somehow, I always forget what I lose by not working to keep my body in working order.

Little Reminders - honey badger doesn't give a shit
And apparently I don’t either sometimes. I think he and the Blerch may be friends.

I have had all of the above flood back into my life and I feel really, really positive about it. It’s giving me idea time in the gym, making me feel better, and giving me a sense that I’m accomplishing something.

So here’s to the little reminders. Maybe I can make ’em big reminders moving forward.

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