New Look

No, you’re not seeing things – this is the first significant cosmetic upgrade to the site in some time. I don’t know if it’s here to stay or not. But, it’s here in it’s grey-orange glory. If not glory then… something else.

Today shall hopefully be a busy day. I must admit Ossua, as a project, scares the hell out of me. Even though I know the story is mine and mine alone, it’s intimidating. Even when I know so much about it and am the only expert on it… it’s decidedly hard to write a story this personal and this full of my own baggage.

But, word by word. That’s how Neil Gaiman does it. And that’s how I’ll have to do it.

Keep watching for more updates. I’m getting there. Promise.

UPDATE (11:08 AM)

So… the new template, while I like it, is gonna need more tweaking before I can get it to work the way I want to. So, back to the drawing board. Gonna have to look through some more options.

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