Right Place, Right Time

Sometimes I find myself exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Photo Jul 14, 8 03 43 PM

I’m not a professional photographer. But, I’m told I do good work in the moment. I lend it to two factors – basic composition, and being in the right place at the right time.

I love modern smartphones. I don’t carry expensive cameras any longer. I have all of the megapixels I need on me at any given time. I don’t need to play with RAW, I don’t have a need for any specialty lenses. I’m just getting what I can, when I can. And it’s a good feeling.

Photo Jul 14, 8 02 21 PM

Sometimes I get to that place in my chosen disciplines – namely illustration and writing. I don’t imagineĀ I’m the only creative that this happens to, but creativity for me is not like a spigot. I don’t turn the faucet knobs on and have the creativity pour out. Sometimes, I need to be in the right place and the right time. Much like my photos.

But, I’m hoping with repeated visits here that I can train the faucet to be a little more cooperative.

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