Post-Staycation Report – Ain’t Nothing Really

Well, here I am at the other end of my vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t really do anything big. It was staycation. The girlfriend and I simply had a moment to sitdown, generally ignore our calorie counts within reason, and binge watch the entirety of season two of ‘The Following’ on Netflix.

Joe Carroll
The family that slays together stays together.

Naturally, it was everything I hoped it could be.

I even got some more writing done on Occupancy (yes I slightly changed the working title) and broke the 7K word mark. It has been a while since I put focused dedication into a story I’m afraid, but I’m feeling the creative juices flowing again, and by that benchmark alone, I declare staycation a rousing success.

On the less successful side of things, I’ve sent my PS4 in for repairs where the hardworking repair unit in Indiana will send me out a refurbished unit with my hard drive in it. It seemed to have the chronic disc ejection problem I hear so much about. While it certainly sucks to be without it (especially when I could be playing The Evil Within on it) at least it’s still under warranty given all units are still under warranty for at least the next couple days.

I succeeded not at all in terms of reading. The girlfriend and I wanted to have a single day dedicated to just reading on staycation, and while I managed to buy an obscene amount of new-to-me reading material, I didn’t get through a single book save for a single graphic novel which has now become my new favorite thing ever, Atomic Robo. Which you should read. Now.

Go on. I’ll wait.

Needless to say, I’ll be buying a whole bunch more of the next volumes and reading through them with great speed.

Apart from that, not a lot of news to post. Not even traffic was all that exciting.

Ain't no traffic, really.
Ain’t no traffic, really.

And I gotta say, I’m okay with that.

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