The New Addition

When I last bought a desktop, it was in 2001. It was a Dell, and it rocked my world.  I pretty much plugged it in and people basically didn’t see me for a while. I’d shut it down at night (provided I wasn’t rendering an assignment) and go to bed. When I woke, I would get right back on and pick up where I left off.

Time passed. Poverty ensued. I bought a couple laptops. They became my stable platforms, and then, eventually, the desktop ended up going the way of dodo. My love affair with Dell was over and I came back to the fruit-side and went Mac again.

And ever since, I’ve dealt with MacBooks of different stripes as well as a Dell cheapie which has one and only one saving virtue. It runs windows and is able to integrate better with my work applications.

And, it slowly came to me over the course of years that a big reason I didn’t really care about my design work any longer was because my tools sucked. Because trying to design something with trackpads and shitty optical mice, and screens that really didn’t display color accurately were becoming a handicap. I needed a desktop. And that Dell from 2001 wasn’t gonna cut it.

So, I’ve scrimped and saved. It took several months and a lot of perseverance. But, here it is.

My new iMac is freaking badass.

As we speak I am loading this badboy up. It is going to sing – actually, it’s singing right now if you count Muse as streamed by Spotify.

And soon, it’s song will be heard. Who knows, once I get back into the game again, it may just be time to make the visual arts a part of Ossua again.

Let’s see what the future holds.

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