The Statement of Intent

So, I figured it was high time to get back into the game of blogging as I realize more often that if I’m going to do this writing thing seriously I need to put up the usual forms of self-promotion. It’s something I’m not really a huge fan of (self-promotion feels like bragging more often than not), but if I don’t put up something, well, no one is going to know what I’m up to.

So what am I up to? Glad you asked. As the header bar above says, I write things mostly. Recently I’ve taken to the writing of columns for various review sites as seen in the original post, in addition to writing a humor novel and several short stories. I tend to lean towards fiction in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror-suspense categories, though I occasionally delve into things that stray from those paths.

Oh, I make illustrations and computer art too, though that seems to be a long time ago now.

As the days, weeks, months (years?) progress, I’ll keep folks updated as to what the hell I’m up to creatively. Maybe I’ll even post excerpts! Until then, continue about your lives, citizens. There’s nothing to see here. Yet.

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