Vancouver Bound

So, in recent news many things have started happening – but mostly it’s due to one particularly big event.

I’m working again! I’ve signed on with a new company that is based out of Vancouver and Seattle. I’ll be heading out that way for training for a couple of weeks before returning home to my east coast base of operations. It’s a big opportunity – it looks like I get the chance to do what I always felt I was best at and what I was recognized for at my old company. There’s far less of the stuff that got in the way or overshadowed the work. It feels good and I think it could make a lot of positive changes in my life.

So, starting tomorrow night after I’ve settled into the Pacific Northwest, I’m gonna try to get back on here and start posting again regular like. Every night if I can swing it.

So keep an eye out. New stuff coming, even if it’s not stories.

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