What’s Old Is New Again – Retrogaming

In the process of arranging The Great Purge, I unearthed all sorts of things, and one of those things was space. I am finding that with less detritus, more organization, and a little bit of pluck, that I can instal certain things that I was unable to prior. In this case, we’re looking at what I have dubbed, ‘The Retro Column’

Seen here, top down: PS3, PS2 (allows for play of PS1 titles), Retron 3 (Allows play for NES, SNES, Genesis)


The column takes me through about thirty years of gaming, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System through to the newly dethroned PS3. I’m fortunate enough to not only have taken good enough care of my systems, but also to actually have much of my games left over.



I have a lot of retrogaming ahead of me and I don’t even know where to start.

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