ZOMFG Dinosaurs!

Finally, my copy arrived! I have been wanting to pick up a copy of Xenozoic by Mark Schultz for over a month, but I couldn’t buy a copy before Christmas since it was on my list. But, all bets were off starting Dec. 26th. My local bookstore, Between Books, finally had more copies come in […]

Too Much Awesome

I have too many hobbies. In addition to wanting to be a published writer, I have plenty of other time sucks to compete with this ambition. My hobbies are not exactly run of the mill. Sure, I play video games, but I avoid the MMO trap and could best be described as ‘the casual video […]

Living In the Future

Well, we’re finally here. The future. Sort of. At the very least, we’re in the future where my younger, eight-year old self though would be the future. It’s not what I thought it would be in most respects, but the future is so rarely what we think it will be. Sci-fi and speculative fiction authors […]