Digital Work

Mage: the Ascension (Digital Coloration)

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop (Digital Color, Effects, Shading, Composition), Adobe Illustrator (Text, Composition)

These pieces are not my original line art, but were digitally colored by me. The artwork is collected from a series of books published by White Wolf Gaming Studios. The Game is ‘Mage: the Ascension.’ Its evocative line art always caught my eye and in 2024 I began digitally coloring selected images from it in order to get back into my digital skills.

While the original artists likely had names for each of these images, I don’t have a good way of knowing what they might have been. Their titles below do not reflect their originals.

While some of these works came pre-shaded via inkwash to some degree, the photos also had many enhancements added via digital techniques and processes to add further shading, provide additional effects, or otherwise enhance the images.

Please enjoy – these works are not made in an attempt to challenge the original artists, their images, or for profit. I’m just a guy doing this for fun and to get better at what I do.

(Note: Some elements are also brought in from other sources, notably the starscape in “Nope” [free, courtesy of NASA] and “Keep It Mutual” [interior cover art from White Wolf’s Guide to the Technocracy]).

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