Living In the Future

Well, we’re finally here. The future. Sort of. At the very least, we’re in the future where my younger, eight-year old self though would be the future. It’s not what I thought it would be in most respects, but the future is so rarely what we think it will be. Sci-fi and speculative fiction authors […]

I Am A Huge Nerd

I love starting a post with a double entendre. So, because the weather sucks on the East Coast this weekend, my plans changed considerably. Instead of going to Willow Grove to attend the Liars’ Club Coffeehouse, I hit the local mall before the weather could get really crappy to spend some gift cards and Christmas […]

The Holiday Spirit

Always fun to run into a Scrooge during the holidays. My dayjob certainly guarantees running into several in the course of a day. Businesses are always looking for a way to save a buck, and when your customers are businesses it guarantees running into less than charitable behavior during a season of tolerance and forbearance. […]

The New Demonology

It’s no news to anyone who spends even a little bit of time learning how to use Linux that parallels can be drawn between working in shell and demonology. You have to know exactly what you’re calling, you have to know what names to use, you have to be in the right place to get […]


Looks like I’m getting this thing up to speed brick by brick. I’ve added some links from a few friends’ sites to the right, specifically throwing a shout out to Between Books. For peeps who aren’t in the Delaware area to take advantage of tax-free shopping, you get links for Pennsylvania and Arizona too. Sorry, […]