New Look

No, you’re not seeing things – this is the first significant cosmetic upgrade to the site in some time. I don’t know if it’s here to stay or not. But, it’s here in it’s grey-orange glory. If not glory then… something else. Today shall hopefully be a busy day. I must admit Ossua, as a […]

The Fear Phase

Life is always a struggle and the fear never helps. At first, it was a fear of everything. And that really didn’t go away until recent years. I suppose that’s the fear we’re born with. I just… held it longer than I probably should have. That original fear kept me from being more as a kid. […]

A Quick Ask

Hi, all! This will be brief. I’m looking for a little help. Please take a moment to give me a little feedback here. It’s a simple, one-question poll. All I need to know is what you’d like to see out of my creative endeavors. I’m working towards a lot of goals as of late, and […]